Let’s Talk About Selecting The Right Bow Size

A question we get all the time is “What size bow do get for my kid (or grandkid)?”. To get started on the answer take a look at a screen shot of the bow comparison figure that is on our Solid Color Bows page.

The chart is to scale, the size of each bow is in the correct relation to the bows. The bow dimensions in inches and centimeters are given for each bow size. The chart also gives recommended age ranges for each bow. Of course, this depends on the kid, Mom, (and Grandmom). Some Moms will put a MEGA bow on a 2 year-old and others use Medium bows on 10 year-olds.

MEGA Extra Large

These photos show Medium, Large, and MEGA bows on a 7 year-old model.  The Medium or Large bows are just about the right size for this girl, the MEGA is a little big. That’s why we say the MEGA bows are best for girls at 9 years old and up, but some Moms and kids really want to make a statement.

Small Looped Baby

These photos show Small, Toddler, and Medium bows on a 2 1/2 year-old model.  The Small and Toddler bows are just about right for her, but the Medium bow is OK and is something she can grow into.

So, selecting the right bow size depends on your kid’s age, size (some kids grow faster than others), and the look you want. If you have any questions or want advice, we are happy to help. Just give us a call (225-751-0914) or drop us a note. We love talking to our customers!

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