Thin Hair? How you get bows to stay in.

A lot of Moms have this problem. They love the way the bows look, but the bows keep slipping out because their kid’s hair is so thin. We have a solution for this that works!


We have found that Gripzies are perfect for this problem. Gripzies have one sticky side and attach to the center spring of the barrette as shown in the photos below. They are easy to apply and work great to keep bows in thin hair. They are soft and spongy so as not to damage hair. We recommend these to all of our customers with kids with thin hair and have problems with keeping bows in their hair. Each pack is only $3.95 and has enough Gripzies for 26 barrettes.

You put the Gripzie on the center spring of the barrette like the photos show. They have one sticky side to hold onto the barrette. The other side is soft and spongy to how onto the hair without breaking it.

Gripzie on Barrette – Top View
Gripzie on Barrette – Side View
Gripzie on Alligator Clip Barrette

Although you usually don’t need them with Alligator Clip barrettes, you can use them there, too. Just attach the Gripzie to the part of the Alligator Clip that is not attached to the bow.

With Gripzies you can be sure that the bow will stay in your kid’s hair!

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