Customer Service

Privacy Statement

Our privacy policy is very simple. We do not disclose information from or about our customers to anybody outside of our company*. Period. We hold our relationships with our customers in high regard and will not subject them to do cheesey ploys like selling their names to direct marketing companies. Our customers can shop at Rainbows By Paulette in full confidence that their privacy will be strictly respected.

The data we keep about our customers are:

Shipping Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email

Billing Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email

Email Opt-In: Whether or not you want to receive emails from Rainbows By Paulette

Ordering Information: The products you ordered and when the orders were placed

Shipping Information: When your orders were shipped to you

This information is stored in our own database that is only accessable by us.

If you want to be removed from our database just send an email to and we will remove all of your information from our database.

* We need to, of course, send our customer's credit card information to the appropriate credit card company when processing orders and to deposit their checks at our bank for processing payments by check. Insufficient fund checks will be forwarded to a collection service. These are normal business transactions and any risk to the customer's privacy as a result of these transactions is beyond our control. Rainbows By Paulette assumes no responsiblity for actions or policies by these financial institutions which may affect privacy.